Hi from Amsterdam, Holland.

This is a big step for me, so I first have to tell you a little about myself and the idea.

I am a dutch man in my 60's, married with 3 children who now live on themselves.

After a busy life working in healthcare, now I have less income and more time.

I was looking on the internet and found somebody who wanted to sell and tell things about this webpage and for packing.

She later explained it and now I want to do like the same.

Maybe later I can tell you more.

Because I worked with old and ill people, I heard about the things which were sold on this page and that they are good for people.

I never smoked and don't know much about it, but the idea is very good in my opinion.

So I talked with my family and they are with me.

I am new with it, but here in Amsterdam it is easy to buy everything, but I don't do hard drugs: only joints which are the best in The World.

Of course I don't want to get problems, but I want to start this in a good way for you and me.

When you send me an e-mail to:

[email protected]

I will tell more in my answer, thank you very much for reading this.